Shop closing July 31st. Everything must go!
About Me
I'm Kristin, mom to 3 crazy kiddos and an awesome husband who supports every crazy dream I have. I am a huge animal lover and also a mom to 3 dogs, 1 cat, 1 hamster and 1 large bunny! We as a family have dreams of owning a mini home stead and adding a few larger animals to our crew.
I am a lover of all things creative and music whether it is DIY home projects, cooking new recipes, planning our parties, trips and holidays, hand stitching flower bouquets & catching the next concert. Bring it on! You will 9/10 times catch my family at the concert or farmers market enjoying everything a good time has to offer!
I have always loved fashion and seeing how people creatively express themselves through clothing. It is something that fascinates me. I love how truly different we all are! I originally started thinking about opening a shop in 2017 and started with an MLM. It just wasn’t right for me at the time nor was the company I was trying to start with. Dreams were put on pause while I continued my education, growing my professional career and trying to be the best mom I could be! 6 years later, I’m sitting in bed and I just said.. fuck it, I’m going for it!
The hardest part was figuring out a name that fit. My daughter Laylah Rose was 12 months old when we saw this beautiful puppy in the mall. The first words out of her mouth was “Daisy” (she was also obsessed with Daisy Duck at the time). The entire time we were at the mall she kept wanting to go back and see “daisy”. We knew we were not leaving without her. It just so happens my Irish twins Laylah & daisy were also laying in bed with me when I decided to jump both feet in to opening my new business. Laylah’s exact words were “mom I know you can do that, cause you LOOVE to shop!” She’s not wrong. I registered my business that night and Daisy & Rose Boutique was created. I LOVE when people ask where the name Daisy & Rose Boutique originates from.
Opening a business has it's challenges but also many amazing opportunities for learning, growth and friendships. I am so grateful for each obstacle I have overcome and am so grateful to each and every one of my amazing customers. Daisy & Rose Boutique simply would not be what it is without you. It is a place for Happiness and Confidence no matter what size. That is something I strive to portray in my business and I hope you can see that as well. Every piece is hand picked and styled by me and I really take care in making sure what you see is what you get.